Evolinea - Time evolved through contemporary art. 

Founded by artist and engineer, Chris Garcia, Evolinea Clocks introduces the new face and function of time with hours and minutes shown in a linear light display that can be described as clocks disguised as contemporary minimalist art.

Six years went into the formulation of Evolinea Clocks. During this time Garcia married his talents in design and physics to ultimately redefine the art of displaying time by forgoing the typical presentation of clock hands and numbers. Through the time function and artistic design, the clocks translate time through the arrangement of illuminated hour and minutes markers. With little practice, the Evolinea owner adapts to the artistic presentation of time and the dual design function. 

Varying clock models are constructed of wood, aluminum or acrylic exteriors, with LED lights and vary between two to six feet tall and hang as wall art or are free standing with the addition of a back brace. A custom clock can also be built to your specifications. An Evolinea type of clock can be adapted to be as small as a wrist watch or the size of a skyscraper. And with multiple issued design and utility patents, the shape and function of Garcia’s clocks will be unmatched.

Evolinea represents more than time and art; Evolinea embodies creative change, visual stimulation and a journey through time.